Condo Details

The Lincoln Park Baths opened in 1921. Now urban and hip condominiums, Designed to emulate Roman baths with their Doric columns and raised fish murals. The Lincoln Park Baths were built to serve a community whose housing lacked modern plumbing. There were separate entrances for men and women and the patrons paid between a penny and a nickel for the use of the facilities.

Today, you can find extremely luxurious condos or ultra modern townhomes that sit directly behind this historic gem.  Location, Location, Location is the most important factor in purchasing real estate.  These condos and townhomes are located in the heart of Tremont adjacent to Lincoln Park.

Walk to Grumpy’s for breakfast or Civilization Coffee House.  Enjoy Tremont’s art walks or farmer’s market during the daytime.   At night you won’t run out of things to do at Lincoln Park Pub,   Fahrenheit , Fat Cats , Lucky’s Cafe , Parallax , Lava Lounge , Prosperity Social Club and many more but back to these condos and townhomes now.  Behind the beautiful historic Bath House you will find very well maintained gardens and fountains.   Private high walls add to the safe feel you get in this artist retreat.  Simply a joy to view.  Contact My Cleveland Condo for more information and a private showing of Lincoln Park Baths today!