Lemko Hall, located in Tremont, 2337 West 11th Street at the corner of Literary Avenue, was initially a saloon built in 1909 which remained the home of the saloon owner, Andrew Koreny, and his family, until purchased by The Lemko Association Home Branch No. 6, a branch of the Lemko Association of the U.S. and Canada. The local branch was formed in 1929, and the larger group was organized in Cleveland in 1931 to serve the people from Lemkovina, a Slavic area on the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains. In the early 1930’s, Cleveland had the largest Lemko community in the United States and was a center of Lemko activity before the Lemko Association moved its headquarters to Yonkers, NY. The first Lemko Social & Civic Club in Cleveland was located at 1037 Starkweather Avenue in the mid -1930’s. By 1937 the hall moved to 1205 Starkweather, until 1946 when it moved to West 11th street. In 1977 the hall gained fame when it was used to film the wedding feast in the film The Deer Hunter.

Civilization Coffee Shope by Lemko Lofts in Tremont Ohio

In 1987 residential developer Chick Holtkamp bought Lemko Hall. He subsequently converted it into commercial retail space and 11 multi-floor townhouse apartment units. In 1995 Lemko Hall’s commercial space was occupied by the following: Go Modern (furnishings), Abram-Ross Co. (graphic design), Richardson Design (interior design), and Nothing Records Music Store. In 1988 Lemko Hall was declared a landmark.

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